Wednesday, May 25, 2005

6 minutes

Even the staunchest Liverpool supporter could not have imagined Liverpool overturning a 3-0 deficit, certainly not in a span of 6 minutes. It was a surreal experience for everyone who witnessed it and certainly for the 22 men on the pitch. It was like watching a staged drama but one where even the actors were oblivious of the script and guided by an external force. The goals did not occur due to sublime(though definitely good) football skills or atrocious defending or fortuitous deflections, which is what makes them remarkable. The third goal had the most dramatic touch to it, not just because it tied the game. Xavi Alonso takes a good penalty kick; Dida pulls off a decent save but Xavi beats both Dida and the defender to put the ball into the net on the rebound.
Dudek's double save of Shevchenko's shots in the 117th minute of the game was yet another surreal moment of the game. Dudek's face said it all - he had absolutely no clue how his body parts came in between Sheva's shots and the goal. His impish grin seemed to acknowledge the mysterious force dictating the game.
Before the penalty shoot out, I told my friends who were watching the game with me that Liverpool will win it although Milan had arguably the better shooters and definitely the better goal keeper. I also said aloud that if there was one player who least deserved to miss a penalty shot, it was Sheva and yet the "script" dictates that he will miss it. We all know what happened.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

American media

Here is a canonical example of the incompetence of American media. The headliner on "world" page of CNN says Soldiers reported killed in Uzbek clash . The preview of the article is:
Eight Uzbek soldiers and three Islamic militants died in a clash near the Kyrgyz border Sunday and more than 500 Uzbeks fled to safety across the frontier, villagers said, according to The Associated Press. The picture shown together with the text conveys a mob gone berserk more than anything. There are links to two other articles: Uzbek protests and Witnesses describe bloodbath

In contrast the cover on Guardian's "world page" has links to 5 articles beside a picture of a wailing woman. . The text is - Straw condemns Uzbekistan: UK government in open clash with Uzbekistan over violent suppression of protest that has left hundreds dead. Scepticism greets Straw's reproof. Brutality and poverty fuel wave of unrest.
Eyewitness report. Comment: Craig Murray.

Now if you were to just glance at the headlines of both sites, dont you get very different pictures? Ofcourse the actual CNN article does nothing to redeem itself.

My modern crisis

Leo Steinberg in his lecture "The Image of the Unloved Wife" made a telling comment, which epitomizes the crisis I have been feeling since quite some time. He said that having an unloved wife is an experience which many people, irrespective of class or profession have had to go through. He cited some famous people who had to suffer this ignominy...but unlike everyone else, an artist can channel even this into his work.
Dont get the impression that I'm worrying over my future wife...:) Whats gnawing me is that I dont have a means of transforming my experiences, good or bad, into a tangible form. If I dont do something to rectify this, I will forever feel an inferiority to people who possess such skills. Inferiority should not be confused with humility which is indeed a desirable character. I think the roots of genuine humility are in the realization that you are not inferior to someone with respect to the things you value. It might seem a strange hypothesis but think about it - isnt arrogant pride a manifestation of insecurity of some sort?

I what I mean is that mathematical proofs can not consume my life. This art form isnt enough to give me a sense of creative accomplishment. Borges sums it up very well - A writer -- and, I believe, generally all persons -- must think that whatever happens to him or her is a resource. All things have been given to us for a purpose, and an artist must feel this more intensely. All that happens to us, including our humiliations, our misfortunes, our embarrassments, all is given to us as raw material, as clay, so that we may shape our art .

This burden of the modern man of being conscious of his need to create and not just consume, can be very heavy at times unlike the one I talked of in the previous post.


I've never kept a diary before...perhaps for some people, blogging comes naturally - an extension of the old diary keeping, though I'm sure the realization that their eyes are no longer the only pair privy to these notes complicates the process. Blogging is very unlike any other recorded communication - one never quite knows who the reader is. True even a published book could be read by a random group of people but there is more conscious effort on part of the reader, which influences the eventual audience. So, I feel burdened by the expectations of the unknown audience of my reflections. Greetings everyone!!