Sunday, May 15, 2005

American media

Here is a canonical example of the incompetence of American media. The headliner on "world" page of CNN says Soldiers reported killed in Uzbek clash . The preview of the article is:
Eight Uzbek soldiers and three Islamic militants died in a clash near the Kyrgyz border Sunday and more than 500 Uzbeks fled to safety across the frontier, villagers said, according to The Associated Press. The picture shown together with the text conveys a mob gone berserk more than anything. There are links to two other articles: Uzbek protests and Witnesses describe bloodbath

In contrast the cover on Guardian's "world page" has links to 5 articles beside a picture of a wailing woman. . The text is - Straw condemns Uzbekistan: UK government in open clash with Uzbekistan over violent suppression of protest that has left hundreds dead. Scepticism greets Straw's reproof. Brutality and poverty fuel wave of unrest.
Eyewitness report. Comment: Craig Murray.

Now if you were to just glance at the headlines of both sites, dont you get very different pictures? Ofcourse the actual CNN article does nothing to redeem itself.




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